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The Accidental Calorie Burn & Tackling Diet and Exercise Obstacles

Episode 3:  Show Notes

This episode looks at the accidental calorie burn that we can get by moving more during our regular day.  Dr. James Levine’s book Get Up!  Why Your Chair is Killing You and What You Can Do About It presents research showing that sitting too much can negatively impact both your physical and psychological health.

Ideas for Moving More & Increasing Your Daily Calorie Burn

To get you started thinking about what you might be able to change to increase your daily calorie burn, I’m going to share an idea list.  Feel free to post your own ideas in the comment section of the website.

  1. Take the long way to the bathroom at work. Can you get there more than one way?  Always take the longer way.
  2. If you can, choose a bathroom on a different level of the building or further down the hall.
  3. Park farther away from the door of all buildings, so you have to walk further.
  4. Carry fewer items inside the house, so you have to make more trips. This can be unloading groceries, bringing laundry from the first floor to the second floor or taking things outside.  More trips will mean more calories burned.
  5. Walk around your yard at home or work, just because. Smell the flower, count blades of grass, I don’t care, just get outside more.
  6. Hear a song you like, dance to it! Get down & boogie if you’re in an acceptable place to that.  Otherwise, someone might think you’ve gone off the deep end and send the rescue team.
  7. If offered a treadmill desk – take it!
  8. Stand up & pace if you’re talking on the phone. A few of my relatives do this naturally.  I have to think about it!
  9. Take a 5- 10 minute walking break every hour.
  10. Use monitoring equipment to help you keep track of how well you are doing.
    1. Fit Bit – tracking tool.
    2. Pedometer – inexpensive, a few dollars at your local Walmart or Target.
    3. Awareness or other similar apps that remind you to move on your computer.

Tackling Diet & Exercise Obstacles

Common Problems

  1. Not getting done work on time to shop, cook & eat healthy meals.
  2. Hunger levels that are so high, we inhale anything we can find.
  3. Buying things that were on sale but not good for you.
  4. Bad weather messing up your exercise plans.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Get Up!  Why Your Chair is Killing You and What You Can Do About It.

Creative Ways to Remember and Meet Your Heart Healthy Exercise Goals

Awareness Computer App – Reminder to Take a Break

Fitbit Trackers

Interactive Question:

Right now, I want you to decide what three things you are going to do for your “Accidental Calorie Burn Challenge.”  Then write them in the comment section below. I’m going to put my three items to there to get us started!

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1 Comment

  1. Hi Healthy Living Gang,

    My three decisions in response to the “Get Moving Challenge” are listed below.
    1. Stop ignoring my Awareness Computer app when it tells me to get up and move.
    2. For the next two weeks, work on walking at least 250 steps for 10 or more hours a day. Monitoring will be done with my Fitbit.
    3. Do 20 stairs pushups every time I return upstairs from the basement.

    What decisions have you made to help yourself GET MOVING!

    Dr. Terri

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