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Importance of Hobbies with Russ Wenner, Adult Behavior & Vegetables

Episode 10:   Show Notes

In today’s 3-part episode we will be discussing how hobbies play a part in your health, the health benefits of behaving like an adult, and the vegetables!

Part 1:  Interview with Russ Wenner

Russ Wenner, the husband of Dr. Terri Wenner is the very first guest on Breaking Thru Health Barriers.  He is speaking about the importance of having hobbies and enjoying life in order to be healthy.  The full transcript of this interview is available on YouTube.

Dr. Terri’s Heath Tip & Challenge of the Week

According to several resources, most of us should be eating more vegetables.  Several show listeners and myself are participating in the USDA (US Department of Agriculture) Supertracker  MyPlate Challenge for the first 5 weeks of 2017.  This government resource states that daily vegetable consumption varies depending on your age, sex, and activity level.

My recommendation, according to a chart provided on their website is between 2 and 2 1/2 cups per day.  The problem is, I rarely manage to meet this recommendation and instead of eat more foods from other categories than I need.

So, I do encourage you to check out this website to determine how much vegetables you should be eating per day.  And then join me in this week’s challenge.

Find 3 new vegetable recipes that you would like to give a try.  Try to make healthy choices, not things that are swimming in butter or overflowing with cheese.  Just find some new things to try.  Part of the problem is get bored with the same old, same old thing and we don’t want to eat it.

Once you find your 3 recipes, I invite you to share them with me or our fellow listeners, either in the comment section on my website or emailing me directly at terri@drterriwenner.com

Part 2: Adult Behavior

Over the past several weeks I have witnessed an overwhelming amount of poor behavior here in the USA. Honestly, I am embarrassed at the negative things people are saying about other human being over their political choices.  Apparently, I am not the only one frustrated by this atrocious behavior, listen to one of my FB friends Melissa had to say.

“I can’t wait for the day I can stop hearing about this election. I’ve moved on with my life, it is just that simple people. There are times in life that we are not going to like/love/or want the outcome we get, it’s called life. Time to show the next generation and your children how adults handle real life, if not you have failed as role models and parents, rant over!” ~ Melissa

Sowing & Reaping

You may not have heard it before, but there is both an earthly and biblical principle here that comes to mind.  The principle of Sowing & Reaping.  Essentially it means that you will reap what you sow.  What are we sowing?  Seeds of hatred, seeds of distrust, seeds of anger, seeds of verbal spewing of garbage!  So, what do you think we’re going to get when we’re ready to reap?

  • Hatred
  • Anger
  • Distrust
  • Garbage

I don’t know about you, I don’t need any more of those things.  I need and want more love, trust, caring, cooperation, teamwork.

Not to mention, some of the things being said clearly imply that American citizens didn’t want a vote (one of the rights that we have because others fought and died for that right).  They didn’t want a vote, they just wanted more blind obedience.  I sure as heck don’t want blind obedience.  I want thinking, intelligent people to do their very best to vote for the best candidate always!

Of course that means there will be times when we disagree.  There will be times when you will lose, no matter what side you are on.  That’s part of freedom.  We are free to vote our conscience.  And free to make personal choices.  We are not free to run other people’s lives and get mad when they don’t do what we want.

Going Forward

It’s time to let the past go and focus on the future.  It’s totally OK if we disagree.  In fact, it’s often in the sharing of our differences that incredible solutions to problems are discovered.

But seriously folks, like Melissa said, think about the example you are setting.  Think about what behavior you are demonstrating and teaching the young people of our generation.  Set a good example, be someone worth following!


Russ Wenner, the Techie Geek Podcast Archives.

USDA (US Department of Agriculture) Supertracker  MyPlate Challenge Daily vegetable consumption recommendations.

Reflection Questions:

  1.  How much time during an average week do you dedicate to hobbies or fun things?  Do you think this is the right amount?
  2.  What is your recommended daily vegetable intake?
  3.  Does your behavior set a good example for others, even when you’re upset about something?

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